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Thieves Toothpaste

naturally derived and essential oil-infused ingredients

The Thieves line of toothpastes boasts naturally derived and essential oil-infused ingredients that give you and your family an alternative to smile about! Find your fit and ditch the fluoride, sulfates, dyes, synthetic colorants, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Our toothpastes are both effective and safe, whether you want to remove stains for whiter looking teeth, or get a blast of extra freshness.

** Whitening Formula

** AROMABRIGHT - Sweet Mint

DENTAROME PLUS - Fresh Wintergreen

** DENTAROME ULTRA - Fresh Peppermint

“This stuff. Seriously, I can’t ever go back to normal toothpaste. Not only is it safe and not loaded with fluoride(look up why it’s banned in 98% of the world) It’s free from colors, artificial sweeteners and other stuff that’s just not necessary to create a clean fresh mouth. My son loves it too. Win-win.”